About Us

Life begins with a seed. From a small and humble beginning a seed can produce a mighty oak, a beautiful flower, or a nutritious food.

The Mighty Seed is a community centred cafe in the Hanover area of Brighton. The cafe is part of the Living Vital social enterprise that also comprises a plot of organic food growing land in Stanmer Park as part of Stanmer Organics. Our social enterprise is all about nurturing the precious seeds within each of us.

The Mighty Seed café provides locally sourced feel good food and beverages. It is also a space for workshops and learning, and we offer it out to local chefs for pop up evenings with everything from vegan to Ethiopian cuisine. We cater to special dietary requirements and the café is also an outlet for local suppliers and those starting out on their own creative culinary adventures.

Our plot at Stanmer is a space where people can reconnect with the land and rediscover the joy of growing and the therapeutic benefits of being in nature. A space where anyone can come to learn about food growing and the sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural eco-systems created through permaculture.

This project is the culmination of our personal journeys in nutrition, food growing and education. We are working with marginalised and disadvantaged groups to help build individual’s confidence and teach them about food growing and healthier eating options. Those who show an enthusiasm for the work on the land will be given the opportunity to work with us in the café and in doing so take a first supported step on their personal career path. This will give them much needed experience and an all-important employer reference to enable them to further their careers.

As the plot provides our first harvest we are aligning our menu with the seasonal organic produce. Creating salads, juices, smoothies, sandwiches and other savoury and sweet delights with nutritious local ingredients.

We love being part of a community in Hanover, catching up with our regulars and welcoming the new arrivals to the area. In the summer our back garden becomes a popular little sun-trap and the secret of our downstairs sofa space is slowly leaking out.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”
― Robert Louis Stevenson