Our Sandwiches

    • Veggie and Vegan Sandwiches

    • Avocado and humous salad


      Soft ripe avocado with garlic lemon humous and a selection of seasonal baby leaves.

    • Falafel, humous and sweet chilli


      Cumin and coriander spiced falafels with garlic lemon humous seasonal salad leaves and a sweet chilli dressing

    • Vegan New Yorker


      Multi-cereal granary toasted sandwich with vegan cheese, homemade red slaw, pickled gherkins and mustard

    • Organic free range egg mayo


      The classic egg sandwich made with local organic eggs and our house blend of mayo and black pepper

    • Meat and Fish Sandwiches

    • The New Yorker


      Pastrami, emmenthal cheese, pickled gherkins and mighty mustard mayo

    • Bacon, Brie and Cranberry


      Crispy streaky bacon with melted french brie and a sweet cranberry sauce

    • Chicken, bacon avocado


      Roasted chicken breast, with crispy bacon and fresh avocado slices

    • Smoked salmon and cream cheese


      Scottish smoked salmon with herb infused cream cheese, lemon juice and black pepper

    • Tuna cheese melt


      Line caught dolphin friendly tuna with melted mature english cheddar