Our Suppliers

Pelicano Coffee are the amazing husband and wife run team who roast fantastic coffee in the heart of Brighton. Each week they drop off a fresh batch meaning you get the freshest local roast possible. Pelicano deal exclusively with small ‘micro’ farms ensuring you get a fairly traded coffee with all the money going directly to the growers.

Orchard Eggs supply all our eggs from their family run biodynamic farm. Roaming their orchard, the chickens develop a strong immune system that removes the need for antibiotics. The orchard feeds and shelters the hens, and they fertilise the soil and maximize the productivity of the orchard creating a balanced ecosystem. We only use Orchard Eggs in our sandwiches and cooking ensuring you only eat organic eggs from healthy happy hens.

Real Patisserie have been baking artisan bread, authentic French patisserie and savoury snacks in Brighton  for over 20 years. They  supply all our bread and pastries fresh each morning and if you can’t see the loaf you want on the shelf you can always ask our staff about ordering it in.

Downsview Dairy bring our milk in directly from their local family run farm, where the cows are reared in open pastures and feed exclusively on food grown on the farm. Downsview take animal welfare very seriously and their attention to detail with herd management produces a rich milk ideal for coffee.

Connie and Cooper Our friend and Hanover resident Connie partnered up with Tash (Cooper) to create a delicious array of savoury and sweet treats that have proved very popular with our customers. The dynamic duo are forever getting creative in the kitchen and serving up gastronomically great gateaux!