Hot Drinks

    • Coffee

    • Single espresso


      A single shot (30ml) of espresso coffee

    • Double espresso


      A double shot (60ml) of espresso coffee

    • Americano


      Double espresso with hot water

    • Macchiato


      Espresso with a layer of foamed milk on top

    • Cappucino


      Espresso coffee with steamed milk

    • Latte


      Espresso coffee topped with steamed milk and a layer of foam

    • Flat white


      Espresso coffee and steamed milk

    • Mocha


      Hot chocolate, double espresso and steamed milk

    • Teas and Chocolates

    • Real Hot Chocolate melts


      Available in dark, milk, white and sugar free

    • English breakfast tea


      A full refreshing blend of organic Assam and Ceylon

    • Earl Grey


      A light refreshing organic tea with the distinct citrus flavour of bergamot

    • Green Tea


      A light organic antioxidant rich pure green tea

    • Rooibos


      Organic South African rooibos tea naturally caffeine free

    • Herbal teas


      We offer a range of herbal teas including, wild berry, peppermint, nettle and ginger

    • Yorkshire Tea


      The popular house brew